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EX Board is a company that takes great pride in supplying and distributing mobility aids under the brand name ‘Portashopper’. We are a UK-based company that is passionate about getting rid of limitations that are faced by the physically challenged in society. We have a wide range of products available to cater for the different needs and preferences of different clients, with the sole aim of improving their independence.

Some of the notable products that we take great pride in supplying include the Portawheel Power Assist, a nifty gadget that instantly transforms a conventional manual wheelchair into an efficient motorized wheelchair. This works perfectly well for individuals who would like to improve their independence without necessarily incurring high costs. The Power Assist is easy to attach and detach as required, adding to the convenience of its portability.

The Portashopper Grand Portable Electric Wheelchair is also another exclusive product available from the Portashopper range of products. This wheelchair stands out for its capacity to carry heavy individuals who weigh up to 135kgs. This is a niche that has not been well exploited, and at EX Board, we are proud to be associated with Portashopper in providing quality mobility aids.

Portashopper-2 is yet another product that promotes lightweight and functional use of wheelchairs. This electric wheelchair is perfect for individuals who love to travel as it is easy to assemble and disassemble. Look out for more Portashopper products on the website, and carefully select one that meets your needs. You are assured of quality mobility aids as we join hands to smash all mobility barriers.

Portashopper-3: The Choice Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair

Portashopper 3

Image from Portashopper
Portable Electric Wheelchair

Portashopper-3 is the latest mobility aid product from Portashopper. This product stands out, thanks to its numerous innovative features that set it a notch above other brands of wheelchairs. The most outstanding feature of this folding wheelchair is the inclusion of a ‘Big Easy’ Quickrelease kit. Just as the name suggests, the purpose of this kit is to allow users detach the wheelchair and haul it into the car with remarkable ease.

The availability of a High Energy Lithium battery makes it possible for the user to enjoy travel range of between 10 and 15 kms for full battery capacity (Note, however, that this range is dependent on the terrain and outdoor temperatures, factors that both affect battery discharge). The Intelligent battery charger that accompanies Portashopper-3 works magnificently well by auto switching once the wheelchair stops running. Additionally, the charger senses voltage of anywhere between 110V and 240V. This allows it to be used in different parts of the world with no limitations.

Another add-on that comes in handy with the purchase of Portashopper-3 is a pair of stand-sticks. Stand-sticks are designed with convenience in mind. These sticks are fitted onto the front part of the wheelchair, and are used to help the user get on or off the wheelchair. They are an amazing addition because they ensure that one remains stable. Portashopper-3 is an amazing deal available when you shop at EX Board. Always go for quality mobility aid products and you will never regret it.

Portashopper 2

Portashopper 2

Image from Portashopper
Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Portashopper 2 is a product from world renowned brand, Portashopper. This is the hallmark of portability for users who truly value a lightweight yet functional mobility aid. Over the years, Portashopper has distinguished itself as quality manufacturer of mobility aid products with the sole purpose of smashing all mobility barriers. Excellence is second-nature with all of Portashopper’s products, and Portashopper-2 is not an exception.

Portashopper-2 stands out because it is a patented innovation that has seamlessly reduced the weight of this wheelchair from 20kg to an incredible 12kg. In addition to its selling point as an extremely lightweight product, Portashopper-2 is also a convenient mobility aid. It is easily disassembled to detach the motor units located on the back wheels. The frame that remains in place is easy to carry around, particularly for wheelchair users who are constantly on the go.

The benefits of purchasing Portashopper-2 do not end here as the product comes with a three-year exchange warranty that safeguards our clients’ interests. When you purchase this and any mobility product from EX Board in the UK, you are assured of excellent quality and unsurpassed customer care service. EX Board is one of the trusted supplier of Portashopper products, making it easy for wheelchair users in the UK to benefit from innovative mobility aid products.

EX Board facilitates international shipping, putting users one step closer to achieving freedom and enjoying the independence that comes with innovative mobility solutions. If you are searching for a power wheelchair that lives up to its name as a portable electric wheelchair, then look no further than the Portashopper-2.

Portashopper Grand Portable Electric Wheelchair

Portashopper Grand

Image from Portashopper
Portable Electric Wheelchair

Portashopper Grand Portable Electric Wheelchair is an exciting product designed to offer convenience and comfort for individuals who weigh up to 280lbs. Presently, wheelchairs that accommodate larger individuals are few, and this poses a challenge for the very people who need a mobility solution that befits their appearance. The weight that this premium portable wheelchair carries is made possible by the presence of large rear wheels measuring 12”. In addition, the wheels are complimented by the availability of gear motors that power 250W.

Portashopper Grand Portable Electric Wheelchair is ideal for indoor use as well outdoor use in places where the terrain is relatively flat. The front casters are well equipped to handle dips of up to 4cm, all the while allowing the wheelchair user to maneuver easily. At the end of the day, the Portashopper Grand is simply folded and packed in two simple steps.

Other specifications that you may be interested in include top speeds of up to 6.8 miles per hour, 4 spring suspensions designed to offer comfort on rough terrain as well as a travel range of 6.2 miles per full charge. There is adequate space for larger individuals as the space between the armrests measures 19”. The wheelchair weighs in at just about 50lbs. For what it is worth, this wheelchair offers a perfect blend of great strength, sheer power and amazing portability. EX Board presents an amazing opportunity to own this ingenious product from Portashopper. Take advantage of our international shipping policy and enjoy great deals for this and a wide range of mobility products.

Visit the official website for more information about Portashopper Grand Portable Electric Wheelchair.

Portawheel Power Assist For Manual Wheelchair

Portashopper Power Assist

Image from Portashopper
Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Portawheel Power Assist for Manual Wheelchair is a handy add-on that has the capacity to convert the standard wheelchair to a motorized one that is easy to get around in. Manual wheelchairs are often more affordable, but the flipside of this is that they tend to require exertion of physical energy on the part of the user. This restricts the ease of getting around, in effect, curtailing the freedom and independence of a physically challenged individual. Portashopper has added yet another innovative product to its portfolio of mobility products, living up to its motto of smashing all mobility barriers.

The Portawheel Power Assist is the perfect solution for users who would like to upgrade from a conventional wheelchair, but do it on a budget. The advantage of this assist is that it latches onto the manual wheelchair with remarkable ease. All that a user has to do is to attach the crossbar first before latching the Portawheel in position. Disengaging the Portawheel is just as simple as it involves the reverse process done while the braking system is on.

Portashopper is a world renowned brand for the manufacture of quality mobility aid products. EX Board takes great pride in associating with an excellent manufacturer as we are able to supply worldwide and extend these innumerable benefits to our esteemed clients. Purchase the Portawheel today and bid goodbye to the strenuous use of manual wheelchairs. Enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with a motorized wheelchair at a very affordable cost.

For more information about the product, visit the official webpage for Portawheel Power Assist For Manual Wheelchair.

The Importance of Engineering in the Manufacture of a Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

wheelchair manufacture

The technology needed in the development and manufacture of a functional lightweight electric wheelchair is evidenced by the amount of research work carried out in this regard. The number of wheelchair users in the UK has grown significantly in recent years. This has been attributed to various causes, ranging from auto-mobile accidents to congenital disorders and related diseases. Consequently, a higher number of persons are spending more time on wheelchairs than before, posing great challenges for design engineers in this industry.

Presently, there are many different designs of wheelchairs available in the market. One of the designs that has improved significantly in the recent past is the lightweight electric wheelchair. This type of wheelchair was engineered to offer a convenient option for users who are constantly on the go. The fact that this wheelchair is motorized means that it relieves the user of the pressure of self-propelling a standard wheelchair. Interestingly, this category of electric wheelchairs seems to improve by the day, a factor that has been attributed to remarkable computer technology. A fairly low cost of engineering control units and add-ons has also contributed to strides in engineering electric wheelchairs.

More importantly perhaps, is the fact that engineering a lightweight electric wheelchair has made it possible to improve the travel range of these mobility aid products. It is also important to mention that technological advancements have merged with engineering prowess to develop sensors that enhance the user-wheelchair experience. Even with this progress, it is critical that wheelchair users get an individual assessment prior to using any mobility aid product.

Choosing a Portable Electric Wheelchair from a Clinical Perspective

wheelchairsThe use of a portable electric wheelchair is intended to help the user improve their lifestyle in spite of their disability. Over the years, however, the wheelchair has been viewed as a symbol of limitation. So common is this view that some professionals in the medical field view the wheelchair as a consistent reminder of the ‘lack of a cure’ (depending on the medical condition). This is why it is important to choose the right electric wheelchair, one that adequately meets the needs of the specific user.

This choice, from a clinical perspective, revolves around assessing the user. The assessment will require a proper diagnosis of the condition at hand, the proposed treatment plan as well as the appropriate technology available. In addition to this, the clinician should also prescribe a wheelchair keeping in mind the user’s weight, age and functional skills. Accessibility is important, which is where the portable electric wheelchair comes in handy. The clinician’s prescription will also be influenced by the physical terrain of the intended area of use, whether in the outdoors or in the indoors.

Some users, having decided to settle for the portable electric wheelchair, will consider customization procedures that ensure the wheelchair is tailor-made to meet their needs. This is often accompanied by the inclusion of an array of cosmetic features and add-ons that improve the user experience. As with any other mobility product, it is important for the clinician to factor in the cost of the wheelchair. Depending on the user’s budget, the choice wheelchair may either be self-funded, or funding may be outsourced. The need for a clinical perspective cannot be underestimated in the choice of portable powered wheelchairs.

Why a Portable Electric Wheelchair is Ideal for the Elderly

With the availability of different types of portable electric wheelchair in today’s market, getting the correct one may seem like a daunting task. The choice of a portable electric wheelchair for the elderly poses even more concern, owing to the (often frail) state of this special group of wheelchair users. The bottom line when it comes to elderly wheelchair users is to ensure functionality and safety. The choice of a wheelchair for any senior citizen is influenced by, among others, their physical functionality, the specific disorder and corresponding prognosis as well as the individual preferences.

Why a Portable Electric Wheelchair is Ideal for the Elderly

There are a number of reasons why a portable electric wheelchair is deemed as an ideal choice for senior citizens. The first is that since it is powered by an electric motor, it saves an elderly person from having to steer themselves. What’s more, it does not oblige a second pair of hands to push the wheelchair, affording senior citizens a great form of independence.
A portable electric wheelchair also allows far greater control than a standard manual one. One can control their speed, seat settings and a host of other variables. The choice of handy add-ons makes it possible to control movement with the help of accurate sensors that indicate the presence of surrounding obstacles.

Portability is of the essence in choosing a wheelchair for an elderly person. It not only allows senior citizens to travel with ease, it is also a key consideration for individuals who need regular medical checkup. For personal mobility when it comes to the elderly, you can never go wrong with a portable electric wheelchair.

Add-ons for a Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Advancements in the manufacture of lightweight electric wheelchair have led to a significant improvement in the functionality of these mobility products. This has improved life for the very people who need these products. In recent years, great focus has been on the creation of a lightweight and manageable product. To do this effectively, companies have previously eliminated many of the features associated with eclectic performance of wheelchairs.


Granted, this has reduced the weight of such electric wheelchairs but it has also posed an issue of functionality. This has created a gap for the use of add-ons that help improve performance significantly, all the while maintaining functionality. One such add-on is an installing and locking system that eliminates the need for stud wheels.

This innovative technology allows a lightweight electric chair to be disengaged so that it operates freely. The disengagement of the wheels ensures that the user does not exert a lot of physical energy when operating the wheelchair. Another creative add-on that is available for lightweight electric wheelchair is a special control unit specifically designed for quadriplegics. This feature allows one to control the wheelchair with relative ease as it has a unique two- ball-ended control unit.

The anti-tilt support is a handy accessory for lightweight electric wheelchair users. Just as the name suggests, this add-on improves the user’s stability, allowing them to be more confident while on their wheelchair. A battery pack is also a handy add-on. This is a special encasing that protects the wheelchair battery from external forces, thus promoting its durability. Getting practical add-ons makes it easy for wheelchair users to go about their daily lives.

Three Modes of Drive for Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

A lightweight electric wheelchair offers the advantage of a motorized mobility aid, while improving the ease of carrying around thanks to its weight. These power wheelchairs differ remarkably from conventional wheelchairs because they are fitted with motors and a battery that powers the wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs are also fitted with a control unit that helps the user steer the wheelchair. Due to the availability of different features, the cost of these different types of wheelchairs varies. Regardless of the cost of the wheelchair, there are three distinct categories in which these wheelchairs can be grouped depending on how they are propelled.


The first group is the front wheel drive – lightweight electric wheelchair. Just as the name suggests, this type of wheelchair engages the front wheels. It is characterized by lower speeds when compared to the other two categories. Its selling point, however, is the fact that it offers excellent turning capability, one of the key factors in ensuring user stability.
The second category used to rank light weight electric wheelchairs is the mid-wheel drive wheelchairs. Of the three categories, this mode of drive offers the best turning capability. The cons of using wheelchairs in this category is that they may become a little unstable when halting and they are not suited for rough terrain.

The last category of these electric wheelchairs is the rear wheel drive wheelchairs. This is the most popular mode of drive for a lightweight electric wheelchair. It offers amazing speeds, but the downside is that its turning capability is wanting. Balancing the pros and cons of these different modes of drive will help users make the right decision.

3 Types of Batteries for a Portable Electric Wheelchair

A portable electric wheelchair is hailed as one of the greatest inventions in wheelchair history, and for good reason. It is not only easy to travel with, it also eliminates the physical stress that characterizes the use of a manual wheelchair. To be able to operate such a wheelchair, this mobility aid is fitted with a motor that is powered by a battery. There are three distinct categories, namely Absorbed Glass Mat (abbreviated AGM), Gel batteries as well as wet batteries.

wheelchair batteries

Wet batteries work by reacting lead and sulphuric acid to generate electrical current that powers the wheelchair. These batteries require maintenance since they are to be refilled with distilled water. The advantages of using wet batteries is that they are not only very affordable, they are less prone to overcharging compared to the other two types of batteries. Caution should be exercised, however, to prevent leakage.

Gel batteries on the other hand, contain a unique gel mixture that is used to provide electrical energy. The gel has the advantage of zero leakage, hence low maintenance required. A gel battery also functions better than a wet battery, making it an ideal power source for portable electric wheelchair users during winter. The downside of these gel batteries is that they are costly and weigh a lot more.

AGM batteries are the most advanced, and they feature an absorbent glass mat soaked with just enough acid electrolyte. The mat sits between the plates, in effect cushioning the plates and reducing battery damage. This new technology for portable electric wheelchairs is very promising and has even been approved for air travel.

The Future of Mobile Apps for Portable Electric Wheelchair Users

Technology continues to advance, creating convenience for many around the world. For portable electric wheelchair users, this technology has proven to be an amazing solution, and certainly an incredible connection to the digital world. As a basic start, it is important to understand how a mobile app would work for an electric wheelchair user. Typically, the wheelchair would have to be fitted with a special gadget that allows for it to interact with other electronic devices, wirelessly or otherwise. This is important because it provides a channel for information to be transmitted to and fro.

wheelchair apps

For a portable electric wheelchair user, one of the most fundamental ways in which this connection can be used is through the provision of pertinent wheelchair data. Some of this data may include battery charge available, motor currents, errors associated with the transfer system as well as sensor information. For this data to be legible and make sense, users require a smartphone mobile app that reads and interprets the data obtained.

A practical example of how mobile apps can be used for portable electric wheelchair in the future is by their integration into daily life. For instance, a wheelchair user who plans to spend time at the park may be worried about battery charge, the terrain ahead as well as other external conditions that affect electric wheelchair performance. By using a mobile app that studies, analyzes and processes information for a given range projection, it is possible to make the best of the situation and ensure peace of mind for users.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair with Bluetooth Technology

Better convenience for lightweight electric wheelchair users with Bluetooth technology. Wheelchairs are among the most popular mobility aid products across the world. This makes them an integral product for individuals with physical challenges. It is especially important for the disabled for whom even the most basic tasks such as browsing and texting may prove a seemingly insurmountable task. For wheelchair users whose upper mobility is restricted, this is an immense challenge. This is why, with the advent of modern communication technology, tech gurus have made it possible for wheelchair users to operate their computers and smartphones with little or no assistance.

wheelchair with bluetooth

This technology revolves around improved functionality of the lightweight electric wheelchair by linking up the wheelchair’s control unit with a host of gadgets. Bluetooth compatibility is the connection between the wheelchair and a smartphone or games console or laptop. The user interface for this innovative technology is made available by the CAN bus of the wheelchair as this is where data is stored. Using this module, wheelchair users can then access their emails, send and receive texts on their smartphones and even play video games.

The advantage of Bluetooth technology that links the lightweight electric wheelchair and communication gadgets is that it also facilitates USB devices. This offers a wide range of options for wheelchair users, creating greater convenience and overall, a better independent lifestyle. There is also peace of mind for the support system around the wheelchair as users are now better placed to pursue their interests and keep abreast with changes in the digital world.

Lightweight Electric Wheelchair Terrain Sensor

Technology gadget that will help lightweight electric wheelchair users detect terrain ahead. For lightweight electric wheelchair users in the outdoors, nothing quite creates a challenge like the remarkably different terrains outside. Think muddy road stretches, snow-covered roads, bumpy winding roads uphill and narrow grave-filled roads. For the typical pedestrian, this may mean a little inconvenience, but for an electric wheelchair user, this spells disaster. To effectively address this issue, researchers have been working on a gadget that will allow electric wheelchairs to analyze the terrain ahead and subsequently reset the default control settings to ease getting around safely.

terrain sensor wheelchair

This device is an extension of robotics that is tailor made for wheelchair users. The ingenious technological gadget is referred to as a laser line striper. This device was initially designed for use in the different terrains ahead, and this allows the wheelchair to automatically readjust its settings. By transforming this military idea into a concept that will assist thousands of wheelchair users across the world, researchers are hopeful to improve the quality of life that these individuals lead.

The idea for laser line striper was inspired by the fact that previously, these terrain sensors had been used in military vehicles to improve performance. The integration of this technological gadget in the design of a lightweight electric wheelchair will go a long way in providing value-added mobility for wheelchair users. This research work , in light of modern technology, is set to change the way wheelchair users live their lives, offering more freedom and independence to chase their dreams.